Automated Parking System

Automatic car parking system

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Automatic parking systems (APS) are parking structures that stack cars vertically to save space. The designs of these one-of-a-kind systems allow vehicles to be transported from the entry to their parking area without the driver is there. Satt automation’s automated parking systems employ modern robotic technology to park and retrieve vehicles within a secure garage. The exterior doors are activated by an automated identification system that allows drivers access to the garage. The driver then enters the transfer area, exits the vehicle, and the automated system moves the vehicle to a secure parking place once it is securely out of the transfer area.

Automatic car parking system

Fully automated parking systems provide modern issue solving and compact parking in densely populated urban areas. Levelparker, Parksafe, and Multiparker are examples of completely automated systems. The transfer zones make it simple to get in and out and eliminate the need for intricate manoeuvring. The cars on the parking platforms are transferred into the rack system via a vertical elevator. As a result, they are safely parked and unaffected. Hundreds of vehicles can be placed in towers or high-rack systems on various parking levels thanks to automated parking technologies.
Satt automated parking systems provide an elegant solution to the urban planning issue of parking by optimising available space and removing many of the space-stealing characteristics of parking structures.

Shuttle parking system

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In India, we are the largest supplier and exporter of Puzzle Car Parking. As a result, more cars may now be parked in a tiny and constrained area. This automated automobile parking system, also known as an automated car parking system, is designed for use in residential and commercial areas where vehicles may drive in and out without causing other vehicles to move.

Rotary parking system

The ideal solution for fitting the most cars into the smallest amount of space. This technology allows you to park 8, 12, and 14 automobiles vertically in the area of two vehicles on the ground. This is an excellent solution for existing housing societies and buildings with vertical parking spaces.
Satt’s Automated Rotary Car Parking System uses a basic wheel mechanism to reduce the amount of space and/or volume needed to park cars. It’s ideal for small and medium-sized office buildings, businesses, hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, and housing estates, as well as any other location with a restricted number of parking places.

Puzzle parking system

The puzzle parking system is a hybrid of pallet and stack parking methods. The car is initially placed on a platform before being raised to the right level it. Stacking multiple cars on top of each other can help you make the most of your parking spot.
It is able to load and unload a vehicle without having to remove the other vehicles from underneath. As a result, the system is entirely self-contained. This is owing to the parking elevator system’s many entry points. As a result, drivers will only have to wait a short time to retrieve or park their automobile in the desired position. From afar, the system’s operation resembles that of a sliding puzzle, which lends the system its name. In a car parking elevator, the number of floors or spaces accessible varies. You can easily specify the required number to make the most of the given area.

Stack parking system

Stack parkers are useful for increasing parking space in business or residential buildings by doubling or tripling them. The systems use a simple mechanical hydraulic system, and each model in the range can be customised to meet the needs of the user. If the parking spots are frequently utilised for larger vehicles, such as minivans, the stack parkers’ height can be changed to fit practically any commonly constructed vehicle.
Satt Automation offers a variety of car-parking solutions for a variety of uses, combining technology with research and innovation. Satt Automation parking solutions are tailored to a variety of sectors and businesses, with a choice of multi-parking unit designs.

Annual maintenance & service

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